SF Writing

Since 1992, Tom Rodgers wrote screenplays and treatments for science-fiction films, while also working full time as an engineering consultant. After retiring from NASA and spending some time in endurance racing, he decided to devote his efforts to writing literary speculative fiction for a mass audience. He graduated from the ClarionWest Writer's Workshop in 2009, working with some of the best writer-instructors and new writers in science-fiction and fantasy in the oldest and most revered workshop for speculative fiction.

The following storylines are in production:

Interplanetary Triathlon (short story appearing in the July/August 2010 issue of Inside Triathlon magazine)

The Times that Try Men's Souls (short story under submission)

Zero Point (novella, feature film treatment)

Entanglement (novella, series pilot treatment)

Transhuman High School (series pilot/film treatment)

Who's Afraid of Virginia Werewolf? (play adaptation, short novel)

BioWar One (remake of original 1992 screenplay)