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Video excerpt from Race Across America Film (3,000+ miles of cycling from San Diego to Atlantic City with little sleep).

NASA Projects: Tom Rodgers (Lead Biomedical/Software Engineer) was on the original design and development team for the Human Research Facility (HRF), the first deployed science rack aboard the U.S. Destiny Lab (and later the Columbus Lab) on the International Space Station. He also developed avionics control software for the NASA X-38 Crew Recovery Vehicle (CRV) which was later used in development of the X-37B.

Right: HRF-1 Experimental Rack Designed by Tom Rodgers (Lead Biomedical Engineer), which enables standardized, systematic health and medical research for crew members. Below: Astronaut Karen Nyberg performs ocular ultrasound on herself using the HRF, which enables standardized, systematic health and medical research for crew members. Below that, see the HRF video clip.

Below: X38 (CRV) in NASA hanger and during descent before parasail deployment.

The original X-38 CRV at NASA was taken over by Air Force Space Command and became the X-37B: similar vehicle with different application. Sadly, there are no humans onboard. See video below.

For prior career projects in Internetworking and Telecommunications: if you are accessing this web page through a DSL phone line, Cable modem, or mobile device in North America or Europe, you are probably executing switching systems code he helped to design for DSC and Alcatel-Lucent (now owned by Nokia) and then helped to deploy at MCI and Sprint in the 1990s. He has been working on the internet since 1981 and was a pioneer on the original SGML committee which standardized HTML and eventually led to the worldwide web.

Nokia (formerly DSC) Litespan 2000 Switch, with Command Code Software by Tom Rodgers